Who is Capitol Machine?

August 28, 2015

It may not seem the pinnacle of U.S. government – Washington, D.C. But it is the capital (with an “a”). Capitol – with an “o,” as opposed to an “a” – refers to the building in which a government’s legislative branch is housed.

If you have British inclinations, the word “capital” might refer to something excellent or top notch. Capitol often refers to a building with a dome. Capital can also refer to money or something of financial value.

While we at Capitol Machine, the industry experts in insulation machines, aren’t ones to fuss unduly over politics or vocabulary, we have chosen our name to highlight our supremeness – when it comes to quality and equipment, and not legislation or politics – in the insulation industry.

Insulation installation equipment – the best in the business – is of supreme importance in operating an insulation contracting business. And we at Capitol Machine (with an “o”) are dedicated to providing our clients with the best insulation installation equipment their capital can buy.

That’s been our commitment for more than four decades. Our highest aim is to design and manufacture the best equipment – which includes blow-in and removal vacuum machines – in the industry. And we provide the service behind our equipment to back it up. So you can understand why we chose the name Capitol. We offer the finest, strongest and sturdiest insulation equipment in the world. In a sense, when it comes to our machines and when you come to Capitol Machine, you’ve arrived at the insulation installation equipment Capitol.

Who is Capitol Machine?

Capitol Machine Equipment Enables Contractors to Do Great Work

Our equipment – our machines – enables our clients to provide their customers with the best work, the best service and the best guarantee in the business. We do our best to provide you with the best so that you can do your best – and that means we all achieve success.

Our machines are fast, dependable, rugged and easy to use. Our insulation installation will provide you with many years of loyal, reliable service.

We at Capitol Machine make our clients our top priority. That means our knowledgeable and dedicated staff provide top tech support whenever it is needed – 365 days a year.

For us, it’s a family affair. We deem our clients as family, so we treat them that way. With this attitude, our business has grown substantially over the years, requiring we move several times. Recently, we established new offices at 46615 U.S. Highway 280 in Sylacauga, Alabama. We were in Rockford, Alabama.

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