Vacuum Bags – Kick the Old Bag Out!

April 14, 2017

Vacuum Bags? Here’s a fun experiment you can try at home!

Grab your vacuum cleaner and get ready to sweep the floor. Before you do, though, take out the thing that captures the dirt. Maybe it uses vacuum bags, it could be a cylinder, it could be your least favorite nephew. Regardless, just set that part on your front porch.

vacuum bags - image shows a field of debris and smoke

They should have used a vacuum bag.

Now, vacuum the carpet. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

How did that work out for you? Did you get a lot of dust in your face? Globs of pet hair all over your clothes? Is your floor still dirty? You bet it is. It’s like Mama always said, “The best exercise is an exercise in futility.”

Imagine the same situation, a vacuum with no capture device, except instead of floor dirt and pet hair, it’s insulation. That’s even worse! You’re trying to remove old loose insulation from your attic, and everything you’re sucking up in the front goes flying right back out.

Why We're Talking About This

That sounds like a silly predicament for a professional insulation remover, but it can happen if your vacuum removal bag breaks in the middle of a job. And if your bag breaks, you’re probably not using Capitol Machine International vacuum bags.

Our insulation removal vacuum bags are made of breathable, 100% polypropylene fabric. It’s a stronger fabric than you’ll find in other bags on the market. Our stitching is stronger, too. These bags can hold whatever you can suck up into them. These trash-hungry monsters can hold up to 300 pounds, or up to 75 cubic feet of insulation and debris. That’s more cubic feet than a standard three-door refrigerator!

Kick It.

vacuum bags - image shows a colorfully-clothed foot extended out

Please don't kick your Capitol Machine International products. This voids your warranty and in most cases may void the bones in your foot.

It’s time to kick the old bag out. Try Capitol Machine International insulation removal vacuum bags. The difference in quality will be obvious when you aren’t chucking old insulation all over the place.



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