Types of Insulation Residential Commercial

September 5, 2016

There are all sorts of  types of insulation for residential and commercial businesses that are used today.

Blanket, Bats and Rolls-This relatively inexpensive insulation is fitted between beams, joists and studs and is made from fiberglass, wool, plastic or natural fibers.

Concrete Block Insulation-Works for foundations and unfinished walls. Concrete blocks that are autoclaved with cellular concrete masonry will give you ten times more insulation value than traditional types of concrete.

Rigid Foam or Foam Board-Manufactured out of Polyurethane, Polyisocycanurate, or Polystyrene these Types of Insulation are perfect for floors and ceilings, foundation and unfinished walls.

Insulating Concrete Forms-Perfect for foundation walls and unfinished walls, insulation concrete forms are made from foam blocks or foam boards and are built into the walls of a home for high levels of thermal resistance.

Loose Blown In-Mineral, slag or rock wool, cellulose and/or fiberglass is blown into unfinished attic floors, hard to reach areas and enclosed or open wall cavities. Perfect for insulating irregularly shaped spaces.

Reflective System-This type of insulation works for the DIYer’s in the group with its foil-faced kraft paper, polyethylene, or polyethylene cardboard of bubble fill. Great for floors, ceilings, and unfinished walls.

Rigid fibrous or Fiber-Made-Manufactured from mineral slag or rock wool this type of insulation is installed by HVAC contractors who fabricate the insulation directly into the air ducts on the job site or at the shop.

Sprayed Foam-Applied using a small spray container or with a pressure sprayer for larger areas, sprayed foam is made from Polyurethane, Polyisocyanurate, Phenolic, or Cementitious. Contractors will use these Types of Insulation for new open wall cavities, unfinished attic floors and any existing enclosed wall.

Structural Insulated Panels- SIPs are made from straw core, liquid foam, or foam board. Homes built with SIP provide occupants with uniform insulation that is far superior to other Types of Insulation. Used for roofs, ceilings and unfinished walls, Homes with SIP’s also take less time to build.

Whatever type of insulation you decide on, you have to consider how it will be installed at that is where Capitol Machinery comes in. Capitol Machinery provides contractors and handmen with the tools needed to remove and blow insulation.

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