Take An #InsulationVacation, Part 1: Ontario

June 10, 2017

Ontario Insulation Machines

Welcome to Capitol Machine International's #InsulationVacation! Pack a bag, put on some comfortable shoes, and don’t forget a sweater. You know how you get chilly at night. Let’s bounce around the continent, see some sights, and talk about our favorite topic: insulation and installation machines!

Our first stop is glamorous Ontario, Canada! Contrary to popular belief, Canada is not an illusion. It's real! Ontario is the second largest province in Canada, with a population of seventy-two gajillion people. Ontario is the home of Niagara Falls. It also boasts the busiest highway on the continent, Highway 401. Over 500,000 vehicles traverse this 514 mile long stretch of road on some days.

Some of those vehicles must be carrying insulation installation machines. Ontario boasts the largest number of insulation installers in Canada. This makes sense, because home insulation is a big deal in Canada. A few years ago, the building codes in Ontario changed. The rating requirement for outside walls went up from R-20 to R-24. Since Ontario is so big, insulation installers are still busy helping homeowners get back up to code.

The Canadian government has initiated a program to retrofit homes, giving homeowners rebates up to $2000 for energy-efficiency upgrades. This includes home insulation installation. Canada gets cold in the winter, and having an under-insulated home can waste energy, affect temperature regulation, and potentially be deadly. Seriously. It gets really cold.

How is the job market in Ontario for insulation installers? Two out of three stars, according to the Canadian government. The economy is healthy. Best of all, Capitol Machine International sells the best insulation installation and removal machines on the market, right there in Canada! They don’t call us “international” for nothing. Just call (800) 421-6473 to talk to a Canadian about your insulation machine desires.

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