June 15, 2016

May 10, 2016

It has nothing to do with perspiration. But the waves of summertime heat do seem to produce sweat – especially as temperatures rise into the 80s, 90s and beyond. And unless you enjoy spending time in a sauna or you work outside, perspiring just ain’t fun.

While we at Capitol Machine, your premier source for installation of summer home insulation, have an aversion to perspiring as much as the next hard-working fellow, we understand that sweating has its place. And that place just isn’t in the comfort of home sweet home. Who wants to be sweating while watching your favorite ball game (unless your team is losing)?


Chilly temperatures require we “winterize” our homes. Sweltering summers call for “weatherizing.”

Insulation installation experts – like ourselves, naturally – recommend targeting potential air leaks first before moving to other areas. Seal leaks around windows and doors. Read our article about how to find and seal leaks around your home.



The first step (literally and figuratively) in summer home insulation is the attic. Read our article about attic insulation. Insulating the attic involves ensuring both the attic floor and the area beneath the roof is adequately covered.

The next stop, as we make our descent, is the walls. This includes insulating exterior walls and those between the living areas and garages or outside areas. Foundation walls – and areas between air-conditioned basements – are areas often neglected or overlooked. Watch one of our insulation videos.

We continue getting down – to the ground. Insulation should be added along floors above hot areas. That includes vented crawl spaces and garages with no air conditioning.

The basement is our next stop. Insulate exterior walls and exposed pipes. Read more about basement insulation.

Crawlspaces are aptly named. You have to get on your hands and knees to reach these spaces, which nonetheless need adequate insulation coverage. And yes, we suggest you read our crawlspace article.

Keep cool and don’t sweat it.

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