June 15, 2016

May 13, 2016

A recently published study concludes that adding home insulation significantly saves money on electricity use.

Researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health state that increasing levels of home insulation in single-family homes across the United States – to the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code – would reduce electricity use by 37 billion kilowatt hours. That’s equal to the annual electricity use of 3.4 million American homes.

Additional insulation would also reduce natural gas consumption by 9 percent, propane by 10 percent and fuel oil by 12 percent, according to PR Newswire and the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.

“This study quantifies energy savings, pollution reductions and public health improvements if all the under-insulated homes in the U.S. were brought to 2012 code,” said NAIMA President Curt Rich.


Numerous studies by the federal government and private organizations have shown that most American homes lack adequate levels of home insulation.

"Approximately 90 percent of U.S. homes are under-insulated and this study now provides data describing what we could achieve by addressing this huge population of homes,” Rich said.

Increasing home insulation would also substantially reduce CO2 emissions from power plants by 80 million tons, according to NAIMA.



“Our study provides insight about the benefits of residential energy efficiency for each state in the continental U.S., an important feature given large variations between states and the fact that each state will develop its own strategy to respond to the Clean Power Plan,” said Jonathan I. Levy, professor at Boston University, who led the research team for the study.

“Our results align with previously published values that show important benefits of increasing insulation levels in U.S. homes.”

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