Save Money on Insulation Equipment

January 1, 2016




If you have been renting your insulation equipment, you may want to consider purchasing insulation removal vac and/or a blower from Capitol Machine. Capitol Machine manufactures insulation machines & vacs at unbeatable prices, and best of all, it will pay for itself in no time at all.

The rugged line of insulation machines & vacs from Capitol Machine is second to none by saving you time & make your business money.

If you already own blowers & vacs but need parts or accessories, Capitol Machine can help with bearings, blower parts, clutches, gears, hoses and connectors, sprockets and chains. Your old insulation equipment will get a new lease on life when you purchase parts and accessories from Capitol Machine. If your pump has seen better days, talk to Capitol Machine about the Diaphram Repair Kit for the Kappa 30 water pump.

Stop renting & invest in a Capitol Machine today!  Let's not only save you time but let us help you make more money for your business by investing in the best blowers & vacs on the market today! #insulation #contractors #blowin #fiberglass #cellulose #rockwool #machines #manufacturing #manufacturer #custombuilt #finance #builders #insulationcontractors

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