Rock Wool Insulation: What Is It?

March 11, 2015

Rocky Balboa was tough. You can almost hear the music in the background as he climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You just couldn’t take Rocky down. No matter the amount of pounding – no pummeling could deter the Italian Stallion. And so it is with rock wool, the quiet, little-known hero of the insulation industry, destined to take the fight to the top. We at Capitol Machine introduce to you, the next heavy-weight champion of the insulation world: rock wool insulation.

OK. You’re next question presumably is: What the heck is rock wool insulation?

What Is Rock Wool Insulation and How Is It Used?

How is Rock Wool Insulation Used?

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) provides a handy definition and a sound explanation of its use.

Rock or slag wool is used as thermal insulation in walls and attics. The insulation has strong acoustical properties which help sound proof walls and ceilings, and also provides home and business owners an environmentally safe and natural way to protect themselves and to reduce costs.

The loose-fill rock or slag wool resists settling, according to NAIMA. Rolls or sections of this type of insulation recoils to its original position following compression which means it maintains consistent thermal levels.

The insulation’s high density – or higher R-values – compared to other forms enable rock wool to withstand higher heat levels. And rock wool is non-combustible, naturally, so manufacturers don’t have to add potentially harmful or dangerous fire retardants – thus providing another powerful, and environmentally safe, knock-out punch.

Even in Round 15, rock wool holds up the fight. The insulation also provides protection from moisture.

Rock wool – which also goes by mineral wool, mineral fiber or stone wool, depending on rock wool’s mood at the time – underwent a tough upbringing. It was formed from fiber materials spun and drawn together from molten minerals.

We at Capitol Machine hope you see the potential in rock wool – the stalwart insulation that is sure to impress and please even your most reserved customers.

Couple rock wall’s tenacity with one of Capitol Machine’s unbeatable insulation blowers or vacuums and we’re sure you’ll KO any project that dares cross your path.

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