Replacement Seal Horror Story – What Kind of Seals Do You Use?

May 5, 2017

Replacement Seal Horror Story

Here's a replacement seal horror story - you’re in a client’s attic, blowing in some loose-fill insulation. It’s not too hot yet, and the homeowner even offered you some fresh coffee. As far as work goes, this is a pretty good day.

Suddenly, it all goes wrong.

Material starts flying out in sporadic bursts. You notice insulation blowing back into the hopper. Finally, your blower stops blowing. Now, you’re stuck in a stranger’s house with a dead machine and half an attic to fill.

What happened?

Nine times out of ten, it’s your seals. The seals in an insulation blower decay over time, changing your machine from a fifty bag per hour powerhouse to a useless, large metal thing taking up space in your garage.

The seals help keep your machine working in peak condition, but even that depends on what kind of seals you have installed.

Did you install a Navy Seal?

replacement seal - image shows Navy Seals carrying an inflatable raft on the shore

Elite members of our Armed Forces, even their specialized training does not qualify them to live inside your insulation blower.

Did you install a Hawaiian monk seal?

replacement seal - image shows a seal swimming

If so, expect protesters to show up at your next job site. There are only 1,150 of the creatures left on the planet. Placing one of them inside your insulation blower seems like a terrible waste, and a little weird.

Did you install Seal?

replacement seal - image shows a picture of a rose

That’s awesome! He’ll sing “Kiss From A Rose,” and that was one of the best tunes of the Nineties, but he won’t stop your machine from shutting down during a job.

Did you install seals from Capitol Machine International?

Good for you! Seals from Capitol Machine International provide excellent air lock system protection, keeping your machine in better working order. Don’t just throw any seal (especially an endangered one) into your insulation blower.

Use high quality polyurethane seals from Capitol Machine International!

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