Product Spotlight: The Model 70 Insulation Blower

December 8, 2014

Capitol Machine’s Model 70 is a little insulation machine that performs and produces like a big machine. It is the first portable, gas-powered and totally self-contained blower to be introduced to the blown-in insulation industry. Get all the details about this insulation blower below.

Why Choose the Model 70 Insulation Blower?

With the Model 70, insulation contractors can blow over 30 bags of fiberglass an hour and between 75-80 bags of cellulose an hour. Electric insulation machines that are comparable in price, production and dimensions require two blowers, a generator and a stand-alone water pump. With the Model 70, you don’t need any of that. All you have to do with Capitol Machine’s Model 70 is show up and show off.

Features of the Model 70 Insulation Blower              

Features of the Captiol Machine Model 70 Insulation Blower

The Model 70 is compatible with a Kohler 14 HP electric start engine with recoil backup. It has an adjustable material gate, U-shaped feeder with access panel, quick change seals and heavy duty auger. More features include a positive displacement blower pressure loaded relief valve, 2” Zoeller check valve emergency shut off switch, built in loading table and 150’ standard remote. This powder coated insulation machine weighs 430 lbs. Its dimensions are 36”x51”x48”. In addition, Capitol Machine customers have the option of purchasing a water pump, casters and a reclaim hood.

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If you are a contractor looking adding fresh insulation with one of our blowers, the Model 70 will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call or contact us for more information about this machine or any of our equipment.