Model 1900 – It’s All in the Numbers

April 21, 2017

People attach meaning to numbers. Gamblers believe the number seven is lucky. Basketball fans think sixteen is sweet. Science fiction lovers are positive that the meaning of life is the number forty-two. We’ve got some numbers about our Model 1900 for you to think about, too.

Model 1900

Model 1900

1900 -- That stands for the Model 1900 insulation blower from Capitol Machine International. This is an upgrade from our Model 80 machine, and we’ve added some great improvements, like a reclaimer that makes sure you get the most out of your insulation. With our wireless remote, you can shred and blow at the same time. That’s like eating and sneezing simultaneously, except you don’t shoot corn out of your nose at the kids.

Plenty of Hose

150 -- Each standard Model 1900 comes with a 150’ hose, two connectors and five clamps.

Plenty of Speed

45 - 50 -- How many bags of fiberglass insulation can the Model 1900 blow in an hour? You guessed it; between 45 and 50. This machine will also handle 90 - 100 bags of cellulose insulation in that time.

Plenty of Power

3 -- That’s how many compatible engines there are for the Model 1900. Choose from a Kohler 15 horsepower electric start engine with variable speed control, the Honda GX390 electric start engine, or the Kubota water-cooled PTO powered engine.

Plenty of Efficiency

2 -- Two heavy duty augers pre-condition the insulation materials for the shredder, which gets the material ready for the airlock. Everything works together seamlessly. You know. Like a machine.

Plenty of Deals - Hurry!

1 -- The Model 1900 is on sale for the entire month! This one, the month of April! It’s a perfect time for you to take advantage of great savings on one of the best insulation blowing machines on the market.

But there’s still one more number you have to know!

Tired of How Often We Said Plenty? Call and Strike a Deal, We Promise We'll Stop!

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