Model 125 Insulation Blower

May 19, 2017

Sometimes, you see things that make you stand back and marvel. The grandeur of the Empire State Building. The Egyptian pyramids. Deep-fried butter on a stick (how do they do that?). There’s a cleverness of design and a singularity of purpose to these things. One stands in awe at their raw beauty and efficiency. At Capitol Machine International, we have our own wonder of the modern world - the Model 125 insulation blower.

Model 125 insulation blower

Behold! The most powerful insulation blower in the known universe, the Model 125.

With a whopping 25 horsepower engine and a Series 4 positive displacement blower, the Model 125 does not want to make small talk. It does not come to play around. The Model 125 is here to blow as much insulation as it can, as hard as it can, as fast as it can.

This is a truck-mounted machine. Think of it as a wild animal that needs to be caged. We suggest that you plumb the Model 125 blower outside, for a constant supply of clean air, free from loose insulation material. Like a rabid tiger, the Model 125 demands to be fed. With an oversized hopper, the operator can feed in 60% more insulation at a time.

What goes in must come out, and the Model 125 insulation blower can blow 100 bags of fiberglass per hour, 130 bags of rock wool per hour, and a slamming 200 bags of cellulose per hour! To make things easier, the Model 125 also features an exterior mounted quick release hose connector and an easy access quick change seal system.

You can understand now that the Model 125 insulation machine is a functional masterpiece of engineering, crazy with power and ready to blow.

Get in touch with Capitol Machine International with a quick online request about the Model 125 to learn how you can have your own masterpiece!