Model 100 Insulation Blower

May 12, 2017

At Capitol Machine International, our middle name is Machine. Really. That means we know about machines, and what our customers expect from machines. You want the machine-iest insulation machines ever to come from Machineland. Powerful machines that can get the job done. Machines that other machines are afraid of. Like the Model 100 Insulation Blower.

Model 100 insulation blower

This variable speed machine can blow an R-30 into a 2000 square foot house in about 45 minutes. That’s an insane output rate! Just like you would expect from a machine.

Although it is designed for larger jobs, the Model 100 can be adapted for whatever speed, production and coverage you need. It features a 3 ½” feeder outlet that can be reduced to a 2 ½” foot aperture. This allows for wet applications to be used, too. The sixteen inch air lock allows for maximum output, while the quick change seal system makes switching out seals a breeze.

We can’t even describe this machine with full sentences. The Model 100 demands powerful bullet points.

  • Five compatible engines, ranging from gas and diesel to PTO
  • Removable shredder panel
  • Quick change seal system
  • 16” airlock
  • Six vane steel rotor
  • Other cool machine parts you would only find in a machine

The Model 100 is 1,400 pounds of insulation domination. If you could talk to the Model 100, it would tell you how awesome it is.

But don’t listen to the machine. Talk to the people behind the machines. Give Capitol Machine International a call at our toll-free number to learn more about the Model 100 insulation blower.

It’s the insulation installation machine you want when you want an insulation installation machine.

Click here to get a quick request over to us about the Model 100 - we’re cutting deals left and right, you’ll want in on this!