Looking for Insulation Removal Vacuum Power?

January 14, 2016

In physics, “power” is defined as the rate of doing work. The dictionary defines “power” as the ability to produce an effect. In politics, it is the ability to control people’s behavior.

In home insulation, power is Capitol Machine’s CV 14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum – tough, grizzly and no nonsense. This machine comes in one form – mean, muscular and mad. We respectfully introduce to you: insulation removal vacuum power.

The CV 14-6 is an incredibly powerful insulation removal vacuum.

As an insulation installation contractor, you have one task in mind, and that is to make sure the job gets done right the first time around. No second chances. No second guessing. No excuses.

That’s where the CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum saunters onto the set. Facing the toughest job? Pshaw. A mountain of work ahead? The CV14-6” with one hand tied behind its back. The need for speed? CV14-6” even does the Zippity-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.

The CV14-6” – at full throttle, maximum volume, sleeves rolled up – puts the worst job to rest in a flash without breaking a sweat or telling any bedtime stories. We’re talking “Danger, Will Robinson.”

Ain’t no talkin’ back to the CV14-6” – and that’s Mr. CV14-6” sir, on good days. Name it, and this insulation removal vacuum monster delivers. Fast removal and overspray pick up of cellulose, fiberglass and rock wool blown-in insulation? You betcha, bucko! The next closest competitor doesn’t even make it to the second round against this champion.

Directions? For reclaim products, connect your hose to the reclaim hood on the machine and discharge the material into your hopper. After that, dispose of the material directly into one of our 75-cubic-inch Capitol Machine vacuum bags or into a dumpster.

The CV14-6” has 6-inch intake and outlet house connectors, an electric start Kohler engine, powder coated  fan housing, balanced radial fan, abrasive resistant steel blower, pneumatic tires on an easy-to-handle cart, a reinforced steel stabilizer bar and weighs in at a lean, mean 230 pounds. Its dimensions are 24X30X42 inches. Bags and accessories are available.

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