Insulation Vacuum Machine: Super Vac 690

June 2, 2017

In the great expanse of the universe, black holes are the clean-up crew. Their gravitational pull is so strong, nothing that gets into their path can escape. Stars, planets, small birds; everything gets sucked in. Not even light can get out. Imagine being able to harvest even the tiniest fraction of that power with your insulation vacuum machine.

insulation vacuum machine - image shows the Capitol Machine International Super Vac 690

The Super Vac 690 may not be quite as powerful as a black hole, but it’s not far from it!

This machine will remove practically everything that stands in your way. With a quick change intake system adaptable from sizes from 8" down to 4", the Super Vac 690 can handle blown-in insulation, spray foam clean-up, and even old batt insulation.

The heart of the Super Vac 690 insulation vacuum machine is a twin cylinder Honda GX690 engine which gives this machine insane suction power. And you can use the Super Vac 690 anywhere in the United States or Canada, thanks to the charcoal filtered EPA approved gas tank that meets EPA emission standards in every state, city and province.

It’s natural to expect that a machine this stout would weigh a ton. Crazily enough, the Super Vac 690 insulation vacuum machine only weighs 350 pounds! It sits on an easy-to-handle cart with pneumatic tires. It features a harmonically balanced 63 pound, 20” fan, made from ⅜ steel. Easy maneuverability is combined with a remote starting system and wireless shutoff effective at a range of 300 feet.

Simple to use, simple to move, but powerful enough to quickly extract and discharge any material Capitol Machine International equipment is designed to handle, the Super Vac 690 is the quintessential removal vac. Find out more about this removal vac that sucks in debris like a black hole.

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