Insulation Swag – We’re Full of Shirts!

April 28, 2017

Insulation Swag?

Capitol Machine International has been selling the finest insulation blowers and removal vacs on the market for over forty years. Sure, we could stop there and stand defiantly with arms open wide on the mountaintop, confident in our insulation domination. But we can't stop there. Why would we? Why should we? But insulation swag? Yes! It's time everyone was made aware of some of the other incredible products we sell. Of course, we're talking about...


insulation swag - shirtless man on a dunking booth

This man is upset because he didn't know you can order Capitol Machine International shirts through the website directly.

Oh, yeah. You read that correctly. And these aren't just shirts, ladies and gentlemen. These are T-shirts. You won't have to worry about these terrible experiences you've had with shirts shaped like other letters.

Those R-shirts were incredibly uncomfortable.

Our Capitol Machine International T-shirts are made from 100% cotton. They come in a variety of colors, but only one flavor (cotton). Our shirts are emblazoned with our company motto:

Blow Hard or Go Home.

insulation swag - image shows woman wearing Capitol Machine International's "Blow Hard or Go Home" slogan red shirt, and she is pointing behind her back with her thumbs to the slogan.

If you’re a proud owner or operator of a Capitol Machine International insulation blower or removal vac, let everyone know! Proclaim it wherever you go: on the job site, haggling for a better price on a new car, waiting in line to ride a roller coaster, even during a 5K fun run where you see your ex in the crowd and you can tell they think you look good, but you ain’t got time for that cheap action.

It’s the t-shirt that will make you stand out in any crowd, the gleaming garment that says,

“I am a professional insulation installer, and I know my shirt!”

Look upon the page where we display our shirts! You shall find it glorious. They are comfortable and affordable! Sleeves, both short and long! A myriad of colors! Professional models! Your desire for these shirts will soon consume your very being! Purchase them in mass quantities! Everyone loves shirts!