Insulation Removal Vacuums Matter

September 12, 2016

Insulation removal vacuums remove old insulation if it has reached its use by date, and although some contractors will install cellulose material after cleaning up any rodent droppings or any other debris, if you are remodeling you may want to consider insulation removal vacuums before you invest in new insulation.

Removing the old insulation, especially if your home was built from the 40’s to the early 60’s is a great way to eliminate additional cost. Old insulation back then was made from cotton, mineral wool, and sometimes asbestos fibers. Exposing yourself to asbestos is toxic and should be best left to the professionals.

Blown insulation can also be removed when you contact a contractor who uses Capitol Machine insulation removal vacuums.

However, you want to make sure that the contractor you use is using the best insulation removal vacuums.

Capitol Machine has been around for more than 40 years and has the best insulation equipment available including insulation removal vacuums.

The installation machines that are manufactured by Capitol Machine get the job done fast. Ask your contractor what type of insulation removal vacuums will be used before you sign a work order.

Blown-in insulation removal requires the best insulation removal vacuums and that is where Capitol Machine comes in. Because blow in insulation is loose, it can be messy and very hard to contain, but not if your contractor or handyman uses Capitol Insulation insulation removal vacuum. A good insulation removal vacuum can prevent those small airborne particles from becoming hazardous as those particles can cause respiratory issues and skin problems such as dermatitis.

When it comes to proper insulation removal it all comes to the equipment. Make sure that the contractor or handyman you hire is prepared with insulation removal vacuums from Capitol Machine. It really does make a difference.