Insulation Removal Machine – It Really Can Be Turnkey

May 26, 2017

Your insulation removal machine is broken - how many times has this happened to you?

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, the perfect day to suck the old damaged insulation out of an attic. But how? You could use the house vacuum, but it’s filled with cat hair and corn chips! You could sweep it out with a broom, but you can’t find the dustpan. And you haven’t seen the shovel since your kids buried their dead goldfish. What will you do without an insulation removal machine at your disposal?

Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution for all of your insulation removal machine needs! Feast your eyeballs upon the all-inclusive insulation removal machine from Capitol Machine International!

insulation removal machine - Turn-Key Insulation Vacuum System

The Turn-Key Insulation Removal Vacuum System comes with the following incredible tools and accessories:

  • The Capitol Machine CV14-6”, a terrific vac designed to remove damaged insulation from attics, crawlspaces, and sidewalls!
  • 150’ of corrugated hose to pick up all those chunks and blobs!
  • 6” to 4” intake reducer, which lets you decide how much you need to suck!

This is the best deal in the country for an insulation removal vacuum system. We’ve got the biggest hose connectors! Get rid of cellulose, rock wool and fiberglass overspray with ease!

But, wait! There’s more! You’ll also receive the following:

  • 3 6” Exhaust clamps
  • 3 4” Exhaust clamps
  • 1 4” connector

You’ll even get some of our famous, super-strong Capitol Machine International disposal bags, capable of holding more than 300 pounds of old insulation and debris. That’s more than 200 pounds!

While it might be fun, we don’t need to talk like TV hucksters to get this package over. It’s a complete insulation removal vacuum system. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Curious about what kind of deal you can get? Email us with the contact form by clicking


or call us at (800) 421-6473. Operators are standing by!