Insulation Musts for Every Home

December 31, 2014

Sure, everyone knows the attic and walls of a home could use some insulation. But unless they’ve done their research, many people don’t have a clue about just how many other places in the home should be insulated.

As a blown-in insulation blower and vacuum manufacturer, Capitol Machine knows insulation. We also know insulation contractors and the questions they’ll face when adding insulation to a home. To make things a little easier for contractors and homeowners looking to add insulation, we’ve compiled a list of the most important places in the home to insulate.

Attic Insulation Musts

Let’s start with the most obvious. Attic insulation is essential in the home. As air heats up, it rises throughout the house, and unless the attic is well insulated, it’s going to slip right out. With today’s rising energy costs, no homeowner is going to like the sound of that.

Loose-fill insulation is great for attics because it provides coverage and can squeeze into every corner of the attic. If room is left in the attic for storage, make sure the space between the ceiling joints and decking platform is filled with insulation as well.

Air Ducts

It is important to insulate your air ducts.

An air duct system branches throughout the entire home, bringing heat and air to each room. So naturally, it makes sense to insulate the ducts! This is incredibly important if the ducts are located in an area of the home that doesn’t usually get air conditioning, such as an attic or garage. Uninsulated ducts in these areas could end up leaking the hot or cool air from their joints and cost a bundle in energy costs.

Exterior Walls

Exterior walls take up a large part of the home’s surface area, so it goes without saying that they can also leach a huge amount of precious air conditioning and heat. But insulated exterior walls also help shield you from the temperature outdoors as well. An additional benefit is reduced noise from the outdoors and a higher resale value of the home. Blown-in insulation is a great type to use here as well for new homes and particularly for retrofitting an old home. This is because loose-fill insulation can be added to the walls through small holes drilled into the wall, rather than having to knock down huge portions.

Foundation Insulation

Proper foundation insulation can help reduce heat loss, protect against water vapor, humidity penetration, insect infestation and that unwanted cold floor syndrome. Uninsulated foundations can have a heat loss of up to 50 percent due to temperature variations in the soil during different seasons. A number like that can’t be ignored.

Unless your home was built according to current energy efficiency requirements, it most likely needs more insulation. At Capitol Machine, we offer some of the most reliable and easy to use blown-in insulation machines that will allow contractors to quickly provide the insulation their clients need.

Are you wondering if your home could use more insulation? Interested in learning more about the benefits of blown-in insulation? Let us know by commenting on this blog or on any of our social media channels. We’re ready to help.