Insulation Machine – Blowers and Bags

Loose Insulation w/out an Insulation Machine: Simon Without Garfunkel

An electric guitar isn’t much good without an amplifier. If it weren’t for C-3PO, we would never know what R2-D2 was saying. Without jelly, peanut butter is just bread spackle. And if you’re going to install loose insulation, you’re going to need an insulation machine.

insulation machine - image shows a piece of bread with peanut butter slathered on generously

Bread spackle. Hehhe. I'm going to start calling it that now.

Spring Deals

May we suggest the Model 1900 from Capitol Machine International? It’s on sale RIGHT NOW. With the ability to blow up to 50 bags of fiberglass and up to 100 bags of cellulose per hour, the Model 1900 is a workhorse. It uses an airlock system that allows you to change seals in minutes. The Model 1900 can shred and blow at the same time.

Don't You Love Bags?

It’s been said that Nature abhors a vacuum, but here at Capitol Machine International, we love ‘em! If you’ve got an insulation removal vac, you’re going to need some bags.

We Love Bags.

We’ve all had the frustration of having a grocery bag break, sending tomorrow’s breakfast rolling down the driveway. Now, imagine that happening with your insulation removal machine. A bag of loose insulation and debris rupturing, spilling its contents all over an attic you’ve spent time trying to clean up? Not cool.

Suck It Up.

Capitol Machine International makes vacuum removal bags out of strong, breathable propylene with stronger stitching than other bags. These bags hold up to 75 cubic feet of material. That’s the same volume as one of those bagged ice merchandisers outside the Gas-N-Sip! We’ve got a great deal going on those bags, too.

You’ve got a phone, but what fun is it if you can’t call somebody?

Give us a ring at 1 (800) 421-6473 to find out about our vacuum bags and the sale on our Model 1900 insulation blower.

We’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to blow it in and suck it out.