June 15, 2016

April 15, 2016

Tes-ti-mo-ny: Parsing that word can do strange things to the human mind. In court, giving testimony can produce sweating and trembling as you’re cross-examined by attorneys looking to cause you to slip up and tell an egregious fib. Or, in church, giving testimony can cause you excitement about a recent heavenly experience or earthly blessing, which may also lead to sweating and trembling.

In the home insulation business, giving testimonies – or providing insulation installation testimonials – is a really swell thing to do, although little sweating and trembling take place (except maybe if you’ve just finished a really hard job and your customer is really happy).


But that’s what testimonials are: Testimony as to how good (or, in the court, bad) someone is. At Capitol Machine, we have a testimonials section that lets you know what our happy clients think about what we do and what we provide. It’s not like we want to boast or pound our chest – well, actually we do. But when we work hard providing the best equipment and the finest service to ensure our customers are pleased, they tend to offer testimonials.

Testimonials – the formal process of giving favorable testimony to an individual’s or institution’s character – are the hallmark of our business. Here we proudly – with little sweating or trembling – present to you some real testimonials of happy customers.



  • “The 6 inch removal vacuum I bought from Capitol is so powerful I had to put my 4 inch inlet from my old one. Good problems to have.”– Tim Clausen-Owner of Dixie Spray Foam
  • “For anyone looking for insulation machines you need to stop looking and follow this page! JJ Mays is the only man you want to deal with no matter if you are in the U.S.A. or in Canada. Capitol Machine is where it’s at!” –-Carla Airey
  • “I have kept my mouth shut long enough about JJ Mays and Capitol Machine; as former roommates, business partner, there is not a better person to do business with as well with Capitol Machine.” – Matt Willis
  • “We have converted our entire fleet to Capitol machines; their quality, productivity and customer service is second to none!” – Mike O'Hara
  • “We purchased a T100 and we love it. Easy to operate. The remote control makes everything much easier. Keep up the great work.” – Allen English
  • “I own all Capitol Machine spray equipment and wouldn’t buy anything else. Service and tech support is unbelievable.” – Chris Cradduck
  • “I have never had better customer service or tech support than with Capitol Machine.” – William Miller
  • “I’ve been in the insulation business for 34 years and have purchased many different machines over that time span. We recently purchased our first Capitol 100 from JJ Mays. This machine is a beast! It is a very well-built machine, with performance to match. Built tough. I’m sure it will last a good long time! Oh, and customer service after the sale? Cannot be beat! Thanks JJ!” – Steve Grimm


We have more. But we’d prefer not to bore you with all of our kudos. We make our business all about making your business No. 1. No further questions, your honor.

What did you think of this article? Do you have testimony of your own you’d like to share? Share them with us or contact us with questions or for more information.