Insulation Blower Maintenance – Seals and Swag

Just to Be Clear: We Are Not Buying You a Car

Naturally, when we start talking about insulation blower maintenance, we need to reflect, "it’s the small things that make a relationship special."

You can buy someone a car - but having it washed and detailed, or getting the hood airbrushed with a picture of a bald eagle clutching your significant other’s mother in its rugged talons, is just one of those little things that build the relationship, giving it added value.

insulation blower maintenance - this is an image of a large wooden entrance at a native american park with a giant eagle statue mounted on top and a gray 4-door truck with a bed camper driving underneath

We do not currently have any promotions that entitle anyone to the receipt of a giant and glorious eagle entrance. We do not even know where you would buy that.

We Are Not Buying You a Radical Eagle Car. Stop Asking When You Call to Place Your Order. We Are Actually Not Buying You Anything.

At Capitol Machine International, we appreciate the relationships we’ve created with all of our customers. We’re not going to buy them a radical eagle car, but we still think the world of them. It’s not just about the fantastic insulation blowers and removal vacs we sell.

It’s also about the little things we offer our client base that help keep things fresh and vital. Within reason, of course.

Will You Go to Prom With Us?

We can’t give you our class ring at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, but we do want you to wear our shirts! Capitol Machine International has an excellent selection of t-shirts, all of which bear our slogan, Blow Hard or Go Home. Saucy! Check out our t-shirts on the Swag page of our website.

Insulation Blower Maintenance: Protect Your Project With Replacement Seals

The maintenance and upkeep of your insulation blower is also important to us. We want to make sure you’ve got the important parts that keep your machine going. High quality seals are a crucial factor to the health of your insulation installation equipment.

The more uptime your machines have, the more profitable your business is. Make sure you’re using polyurethane seals from Capitol Machine International. They provide a strong seal for the air lock mechanism and, unlike other seals, are not on the endangered species list.

It's a Plane! No, it's a Bird! No, It's Capitol Machine International!

When you need shirts, seals, and other insulation-related things that begin with the letter “S,” seek out Capitol Machine International. It’s not just the big stuff; it’s the little things that make us special.

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