How Important Is It to Use Insulation Vacuums Prior to Installing New Insulation?

July 30, 2015

Every job basically has two ways of being done: The right way and the wrong way.

The wrong way involves moving to the second step before the first step is completed. In the case of the insulation installation business, this can lead to some long-range problems and unhappy customers.

We at Capitol Machine understand how important completing the first step – using insulation vacuums to remove old Without careful removal of old, damp insulation, you will be unable to ensure that your walls will be uniformly insulated during your new installation.

Use Insulation Vacuums

Capitol Machine Insulation Removal Vacuums Remove Fire, Water and Smoke-Damaged Debris

Our Capitol Machine CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuums are designed to remove cellulose, fiberglass and rock wool blown-in insulation. Removing fire, water and smoke-damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces is a snap.

Mixing new and old insulation can cause settling problems and exacerbate debris decay. Once old insulation and debris is removed from walls or attics, contractors should begin by sealing air leaks, according to While sometimes difficult to find, sealing leaks is important to ensure homes remain energy efficient.

The next step is gauging the necessary depth of insulation that is needed in walls. Installers add sufficient installation with no less than a 13 percent allowance for settling. This is because installation is generally a fluffy, aerated material.

Local building codes may require an enclosure over light fixtures to keep insulation a minimum of three inches away from electricity-conducive units. Installers should also maintain at least a two-inch clearance between the masonry of attic chimneys and insulation.

Installers blow in cellulose through holes in walls between studs usually from the building’s exterior. Once the insulation is installed, the holes are sealed. Walls can be evaluated by technicians using thermagraphic cameras that measure heat transfers in walls. Areas that may need additional insulation or are insufficient appear as red heat plumes on image screens.

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