June 15, 2016

March 23, 2016

Your first reaction: Aaaaaargh! Then you clutch your face in terror. The horror. The horror. How did this happen? Your home insulation contractor installed the wrong insulation! And it’s a mess.

What do homeowners do when they have to remove home insulation?

Fear not, good citizens. We at Capitol Machine are here to save the day. Encountering damaged or improper insulation may be a fearsome experience. But it’s not the end of the good life as we know it.

Make way! Let us introduce to you the powerhouses of the insulation industry, the quiet heroes who reign in malicious insulation and terminate messy mayhem in your walls, attics and foundation spaces.

The Capitol Machine’s CV14 Model insulation removal vacuum system takes on the small villains. For the big jobs? For the tall orders? For the monster messes? Step back! A hush comes over the crowd as the Vengeance 690 insulation removal vacuum system saunters onto the job site, with twin cylinder Honda GX690cc engines snarling and bristling.

All other insulation removal systems go quiet before this beast. On the job, it’s Mr. Vengeance, sir. Mr. Vengeance has multiple intake sizes started at eight inches and going down to four inches. This monster includes a remote starting system with wireless remote (naturally) with a 300-foot range, double-reinforced shroud, fan and a heavy-duty cart. It also comes equipped with a charcoal-filtered EPA approved gas tank that meets EPA emission standards in any neighborhood, in any town, in any state and province in the United States and Canada. Vengeance has got the credentials and the creed.

Bad insulation? The wrong insulation? You’ve been served. Danger has just entered the room. Your end is at hand. Vengeance’s stats ain’t pretty:

  • Removes Batt Insulation
  • 6 inch - 8 inch Quick Change Intake System, which allows Capitol Machine’s insulation contractor to change the diameter for any of their removal needs
  • 20-inch fan made of 3/8 Steel, harmonically balanced, weighing in at 63 pounds
  • Pneumatic tires on easy to handle cart
  • Reinforced steel stabilizer bar
  • Bags and accessories available
  • Weight: 350 pounds of steel brawn and growling power



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