Home Insulation Tips: Other Places in Your House that Need Insulation

December 16, 2015

Lesson one: Your home needs insulation. Lesson two: Other places in your home need insulation. Lesson three: Ah, who needs lesson three?

Most homeowners understand the basics about home insulation: They need it to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also understand that it’s good to have other areas in their home insulated.

But there’s more. As your blown-in insulation blower and vacuum manufacturer, we at Capitol Machine understand the importance of having a well-rounding grasp of proper home insulation.

So, let’s start our tour of your house – at the top.

roof of a well-insulated house

Getting Down on The Attic

Thoroughly insulating your attic is important in keeping temperatures inside your house stable and preventing warm air from escaping. Heat rises, and unless the attic is fully insulated with loose-fill insulation, the air is going to keep on rising. Loose fill works best because it provides an even blanket of insulation and gets into tight spaces, providing an excellent seal.

No More Quacking

Keeping your home well-insulated means taking a good look at the air ducts. The air-duct system transports heat and cool air throughout your home. Air passing through uninsulated ducts (in garages or attics) means you’re going to be losing money. Air can leak through joints and send your utility bills upward.

Warm Walls

Exterior walls are big deals. The sheer surface area makes walls the single most important part of maintaining a well-insulated home. The exterior of insulated walls provide a shield against blustery weather and provides a noise buffer. Blown-in insulation is the easiest, the most thorough and the most effective way of packing those walls with dense insulation.

Hitting the Pavement

You simply have to resist the temptation to ignore the foundation. Properly insulated foundations reduce heat loss, protect against water vapor, humidity penetration and insect infestation. It also significantly reduces the “yikes!” factor – warm feet on chilly floors. Inadequately insulated foundations can lead to a nearly 50 percent loss of heat during cold winters due to temperature variations in the soil.

We at Capitol Machine offer the most reliable and easy-to-use insulation machines to contractors trying to keep their customers toasty during the winter and cool during the summer.

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