June 15, 2016

April 25, 2016

You’re an insulation installation contractor. You’re new to the business and you’re excited about the prospects of lining up customers for your very own company. You’ve awakened to the American dream and you are prepared to go full steam into running your own business. You’ve even bought some of the finest insulation installation equipment in the industry from Capitol Machine.

Then, out of the blue sky, you come to a screeching halt. You are confused, befuddled, confounded, perplexed and even frightened. All in one. It’s not that you don’t know the business; it’s that these high-powered machines and what they can do leave you scratching your head sometimes. You got questions and you desperately need home insulation tech support.

We at Capitol Machine, your premier source for all things insulation installation related, would gladly swoop in with our superhero cape a flying to rescue you from your dilemma. But we have a much easier and reliable solution. Besides, our days of leaping tall buildings in a single bound are behind us.


We at Capitol Machine make our customers – those adventuresome, hard-working insulation installation contractors – our No. 1 priority. We put a spin on the old saying our fathers used to tell us: If our customers (and that’s you) aren’t happy, no one’s happy.



We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the tools, the training and the know-how to use our powerhouse insulation machines and equipment to serve your purpose, and that’s to make your business thrive. Our customers simply won’t lack the instructional resources and the home insulation tech support they need to get the job done right. No job is too small. No task is insignificant. And every question and concern deserves an answer.

Questions? Call us today! We’re ready and willing. Explore our resource and education guides to further broaden your scope of knowledge:


We’re not stopping here. Go to our Tech Support page to watch demonstration videos, which include:

  • Wireless Remote Setup and Troubleshooting
  • How to Change the Seals and the Clutch on Your Capitol Machine
  • Capitol Machine Product Features and Parts
  • How to Install Owens Corning Pro Pink
  • How To Do Wall Spray Cellulose
  • How to Service Your Positive Displacement Blower


When it comes to home insulation tech support, we got you covered.

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