What Do I Do After a Home Insulation Job?

May 14, 2015

The work is done. Finished. Completed. The end. Concluded. Fini. Ain’t no more, no how, no way. Uh uh!

After a long day on the job insulating a home, you’re ready to pack up your gear and head home. But what do you do about the mess? Are there proper ways to clean up? Are there procedures to follow? And what about the workers? What precautions should they take?

As your online experts in all things insulation machine related, we at Capitol Machine have just the right answers you need.

Start with Insulation Basics

Properly cleaning and preparing a job site after an insulation job is vital – especially to maintain the happiness level of customers.

What Do I Do After a Home Insulation Job?

The basics: The work site should be restored to its previous condition – which hopefully was organized, tidy and well kept. That means sweeping up and vacuuming, if necessary.

The North  American Insulation Manufacturers Association states that scrap materials should be placed immediately in waste containers and handled as little as possible. Dust collectors should be used to remove small floating debris. You may want to check to see if ventilation systems are working correctly.

Workers Should Clean Up Thoroughly

Homeguides.sfgate.com recommends work crews go outdoors for personal cleanup and to remove hats and protective gear. Workers should brush off their clothing and hair with gloved hands.

Gloves, hats and jackets should be shaken briskly to remove insulation particles. Use a shop vacuum cleaner to remove unseen particles from clothing on workers. The vacuum cleaner should not be the same one used for carpets or indoor house cleaning.

Work clothes should be removed indoors by turning the material inside out. This is to avoid skin contact with embedded fiberglass.

Workers should use warm soapy water to wash their hands, faces and arms followed by a shower. Insulation handlers should apply skin lotion or coconut oil to their face and hands to soothe skin and prevent itching.

Doing the Laundry

Clothes worn at insulation projects should be thoroughly shaken outdoors and immediately placed in the laundry for washing – and should be washed separately from other clothes.

What Do I Do After a Home Insulation Job?

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