Why Is It Good To Add More Insulation To a Home?

June 26, 2015

Mother Nature can be an absolute mess: Cold, angry, fitful, prone to temper tantrums. On another day, Mother Nature can be calm, cool and beautiful – putting on perhaps the best face this old planet has to offer.

Mother Nature speaks to us through weather, sometimes in extremes – too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, stormy, capacious, moody or mad.

We at Capitol Machine deal with weather’s wild mood swings in an indirect fashion: We help insulation installation contractors get the right equipment to do the best job in insulating homes to protect customers from nature’s extremes. Or just the mild fluctuations.

Well-Insulated Homes Protect Against Weather Extremes

Why Is It Good To Add More Insulation To a Home?

Proper home insulating is comparable to putting on a jacket on a cold afternoon. As temperatures dip below freezing, sometimes you might want to reconsider the wisdom of choosing the light jacket. It just wasn’t enough.

It’s the same with homes – especially homes more than a decade old. In regions with more extreme environments – or for those who want added protection – homeowners may be looking to hire a contractor to redo or to add insulation into their home.

For good reason. Upgrading insulation levels may turn out to be a very wise investment as energy costs climb. Well-insulated homes – like that good winter coat – provide adequate protection and reduce utility costs on both sides of the seasonal spectrum – bitter winters and sweltering summers.

Insulation in Old Homes Lose Effectiveness

Why do homes need insulation upgrades? Numerous factors can reduce home insulation effectiveness. Indirectly, more modern insulation machines or better insulation materials can significantly add to an already insulated home’s level of weather protection.

However, one of the main reasons for adding insulation is settling. As the years pass, insulation settles, allowing temperature-controlled air to escape. In addition, water from previous plumbing problems or line breaks could have damaged insulation or caused mold in unseen areas.

Well-Insulated Homes Save Money

Well-insulated homes’ regulating of interior temperatures reduces utility costs by lowering energy levels. Energy-efficient homes are revenue generators over time and offset the initial expense of upgrading insulation.

We at Capitol Machine help provide the answers in finding the best ways to remove old insulation and installing homes with fresh loose-fill insulation. We have the sturdiest, the strongest and most reliable insulation installation machines that will make your jobs easier, more efficient and keep your customers satisfied. Mother Nature’s occasional temper tantrums won’t make a difference after you’ve used Capitol Machine insulation installation equipment.

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