June 15, 2016

April 15, 2016

Your insulation installation machines roar and growl and rage – but they never ever rattle. At the end of a hard day’s work, your customer is contentedly toasty in the winter and comfortably cool in the hot summer. That’s because you and your machines did the job right.

But then a little rattle. Or a small leak. Or a puff in the wrong place. No problem. Simple fix. You get your replacement insulation installation parts from Capitol Machine, the industry powerhouse of insulation installation equipment. One call. And you’re on the road again to peak production.

You know what you need to keep your business booming. And we at Capitol Machine are ready to supply you with the insulation installation parts and equipment to keep your machines roaring strong.



Here is a list:

  • Attic hatch stuffer: The hatch stuffer provides a quick and effective way to insulate and seal an attic hatch.
  • Bearings: Small and large flange.
  • Blowers and parts: replacement flappers for Zoeller check value, replacement shredder shafts and Roots universal RAI RPD blower.
  • Clean stud strips.
  • Clutches: 4 ½ inch Warner clutches, 6 ½ inch Ogura replacement clutches and Ogura replacement clutches.
  • Electrical: 3-way toggle switches for corded remote, complete control boxes, complete corded remotes, female hubballs and male hubballs.
  • Engines: 14 HP replacement engines, Kohler 20 HP engines and Kohler 25 HP engines.
  • Fastweb strips.
  • Gears: 3-way gear reducers.
  • Hoses and connectors: 2-tip spray nozzles, 23.5 inch swivel connectors, 3 ½ inch corregated blowing hoses (50 feet), 3 inch Capitol quick connect-females, 3 inch Capitol quick connect-males and 3 inch corregated blowing hoses (50 feet).
  • Pumps and parts: Daphram repair kit for Kappa 30 water pumps.
  • Sprockets and chains: Mic Snap idler outside roller chains.
  • Urethane seals.
  • Vac parts: gas tanks and insulation removal bags.


You’ll find all you need to keep your business strong and humming away. We at Capitol Machine specialize in keeping you in top commercial shape.

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