Why Should I Get a Turn Key Insulation Removal Vacuum System?

July 10, 2015

The summer heat rolls in with a vengeance, and your customer is complaining about high home utility costs. It is hot, hot, hot, and your customer is in a fit: Fix my home insulation now! Immediately! No time to lose! Get over here pronto!

We at Capitol Machine know you’re heading out the door fully prepared with the right equipment to do the right job to keep your loyal customer cool and contented.

However, after careful examination of your customer’s old insulation, you discover the problem. It’s not that the home isn’t – or wasn’t – properly insulated. But that it was insulated long, long ago – perhaps even by a previous generation’s home insulation contractor.

You break it to your customer gently: “We got to take out the old first to put in the new.” And, as expected, your sweaty customer (or shivering customer, depending on the season) beckons you forth: “Go! Do! Forward hence!”

And so you proceed – with unspeakable success. All because you have in your possession, in your stockpile, the finest insulation equipment (from Capitol Machine, naturally) this side (and the other side) of the Mississippi.

Insulation Removal Vacuum System Works Wonders

You have a Capitol Machine Turn-Key Model CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum System with 150’ Hose. As surely as you can say zippity-do-da (because that’s what previous generations may have said), you got the job done.

Your customer is happy, you’re happy and, if you could reward your Turn-Key Model CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum System with 150’ Hose, you would.

Because it’s America’s best deal in insulation removal vacuum systems – with the biggest hose connectors which enables this machine to function in a whirl. The Turn-Key Model CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum System with 150’ Hose is designed for fast removal and overspray pick-up of cellulose, fiberglass and rock wool blown-in insulation. Use it to remove fire, water and smoke-damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces.

Why Should I Get a Turn Key Insulation Vacuum System?

Here are the package stats on this hero – designed to save many more days ahead:

  • Model CV14-6″ Insulation Removal Vacuum
  • 150′ of Corrugated Hose
  • A Case of Vacuum Bags
  • 6″ to 4″ Intake Reducer
  • 3 6″ Exhaust Clamps
  • 3 4″ Exhaust Clamps
  • A 4″ connectors

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