Changing Seals on Insulation Installation Equipment Can Do Wonders

August 20, 2015

It’s the first call that matters most. A contractor calls customer service explaining that a particular insulation installation equipment machine is not working properly. “Something is wrong with my machine! What do I do?”

As the experts in the insulation installation equipment industry, we at Capitol Machine begin the trouble-shooting process with a question: “What’s your machine doing?”

Answers vary. “The machine isn’t blowing material.” The next question: Before it shut down was material pulsating in your hose? “Yes.” Were you getting blowback in the hopper? “Yes.”

The diagnosis: Change your seals. In most cases when insulation installation equipment goes south, the problem involves bad seals – a problem that may have plagued your equipment for years.

Changing Seals on Insulation Installation Equipment Can Do Wonders

Replacing Seals Fixes Most Problems

Seals in loose-fill blowers generally decay slowly. In the beginning, machines can expel 50 bags of insulation per hour. Over time, the rate declines, sometimes at undetectable levels until machines are incapable of pumping any insulation. That’s when the contractor calls Capitol Machine.

Investing in seals and in maintaining your insulation installation equipment pays significant dividends in the long run and makes good mechanical sense. Proper maintenance on these powerful machines means your business keeps running strong and running smooth. Setting aside a day during the slow season to conduct maintenance and to replace seals ensures you won’t miss a day when business is hopping and customers are calling.

Contact us today to order our top-of-the-line, high-grade polyurethane seals that provide exceptional air-tight locks. Your Capitol Machine insulation installation equipment machines – the powerhouse of your business – provide the punch and the power to get any job done right in the time you expect.

You want your resources to operate at full capacity with no waste and no drag. We at Capitol Machine specialize in keeping you business strong.

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