Capitol Machine Insulation Vacuums Pack Some Wallop

May 8, 2015

Your kids may say it. You may say it. Your customers may even say it – about our equipment. “It really sucks.”

And we at Capitol Machine would thank them – because that’s exactly what we want them to say. Our insulation removal vacuums machines suck. Absolutely. Isn’t that what you want, a machine that’s able to roll up its proverbial sleeves and get the job done right? The first time.

In This Corner: The CV14 insulation vacuum

Let’s start with Capitol Machine’s CV14 insulation vacuum. CV14 has nothing to do with small talk, hemming and hawing, or even considering the big picture.

Weighing in at 230 pounds, CV14 is ready to do some serious damage. You want fast removal and overspray pickup of cellulose? It’s CV14.

You want that fiberglass outta there? Look to CV14. How about rock wool insulation? CV 14 is raring to go. But that ain’t all, folks. Remove fire, water or smoke-damage insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces with a mere nod to the bulldog of the industry.

But CV14 is not just brawn and no brain. This monster will transport the debris and, with a vengeance, discharge it directly into a hopper. Then toss the stuff into one of our 75-cubic-inch Capitol vacuum bags or into a dumpster.

Capitol Machine Insulation Vacuums Pack Some Wallop

The CV14: Proud to Be an American

And CV14 is American born. Made from the best the U.S. has to offer, the CV14 is ready to roll along in any Independence Day parade – but has a strong preference for fireworks.

This patriotic wonder is not just admired and respected in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but is used by insulation companies around the globe.

Here is CV14’s Top Ten:

  1. 4” intake and outlet hose connectors
  2. 14 HP Electric Start Kohler Engine
  3. Powder coated fan housing
  4. Balanced radial fan
  5. Abrasive resistant steel blower
  6. Pneumatic tires on easy to handle cart
  7. Reinforced steel stabilizer bar
  8. Bags and accessories available
  9. Weighs 230 lbs
  10. Dimensions: 24″ X 30″ X 42″

You may also want to check out CV14’s older brother: The Model CV14-6” Insulation Removal Vacuum. These brothers are more than willing to do the heavy lifting and tackle even the toughest jobs.

Come and check out these bold, brawny brethren at our Products tab.

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