Capitol Machine Heads to Insulation Contractors Association of America Convention

September 28, 2015

Capitol Machine! We’re rolling up our sleeves. We’re getting warmed up, and we mean serious business. That’s why we’re heading to Las Vegas.

Actually, we’re heading to the city’s Red Rock Casino and Resort for the annual Insulation Contractors Association of America Convention. This year’s theme is “ICAA Means Business!”

As ICAA members, we at Capitol Machine will introduce our newest product – never seen before – to those attending the conference and we’re promising to bring back a wealth of knowledge and information to help our customers take their businesses to new heights of efficiency, productivity and success.

The 3-day convention starts Oct. 1 with a 9 a.m. Convention and Trade Show opening session by ICAA Convention Planning Committee Chairman Ferrell Drum. Drum is president of Dallas-based Garland insulating. ICAA President Jeff Hire will discuss new programs during that session that create “take-home value.” Hire is with Installed Building Products LLC.

Capitol Machine Heads to Contractors Association of America Convention

Convention Starts Oct. 1

Some issues speakers will address Oct. 1 during the conference’s four Platinum Educational Sessions include (from

  • Worried about declining new construction opportunities? Experts will discuss opportunities for re-insulation in the industry and profiles of homeowners who are most likely to re-insulate during the Owens Corning Platinum Education Session.
  • Where are the best places for re-insulation projects? What about the labor trends? Experts will discuss economic and consumer sentiments within the industry during the Johns Manville Platinum Educational Session.
  • Who will take the reins of your company when your business plans change? Experts will talk about how to develop a smooth succession plan in the CertainTeed Platinum Educational Session.
  • What about new regulations involving permits? The Demilec Platinum Educational Session will address developing requirements and what contractors’ obligations are?

Leaders will host the General Session with discussions on ICAA’s new Retrofit Financing Program, which offers low-cost, easy-access credit to homeowners for insulation retrofit projects. Those at the conference may attend sessions on subcontracting spray foam; understanding air barriers; a new, integrated approach to residential construction with HP+ Building Enclosure Systems; and examining construction contracts, lien waivers, and change orders.

Capitol Machine Heads to Contractors Association of America Convention

Three sessions are expected to be held Oct. 2:

Kelly McDonald will conduct the keynote presentation on recruiting and retaining employees in future job markets. McDonald is a nationally recognized marketing expert who specializes in multicultural and diversity marketing. She has worked with Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Sherwin-Williams, State Farm and Miller/Coors. She is the author of “How to Market to People Not Like You.”

Topics of her discussion will also include future workforce culture, generational differences, communication, motivation, and how to treat your employees.

Other sessions will explore federal regulations involving labor, immigration, wages and work hours. Speakers will also provide information on insurance and lien waivers.

Two sessions are scheduled for Oct. 3:

  • During the first session, experts will discuss options from the 2015 and 2012 energy codes for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Discussions during the second session will focus on developing plans to avoid job site problems involving customer complaints.

Our Capitol Machine exhibition is 521. Come visit us.

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We’re heading over to the Insulation Contractors Association of America Convention. Come join us!
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