June 15, 2016

March 31, 2016

When you step indoors, you want to leave outdoors outdoors. If it’s hot, you want cool. If it’s cold, you want warm. And you don’t want to pay big bills to keep it that way. Set the thermostat and no more fretting, right? Not if your home has air leaks or isn’t adequately insulated.

Everyone knows the importance of adequate home insulation, but how about too much insulation? Can you pack your house so tight that you make it air tight?

The short answer: No, according to Green Builders Advisor.

We at Capitol Machine know the importance of adequate home insulation protection. While some may wonder about over insulating, most homes, especially older ones, are under insulated. Experts say around 90 percent of American homes lack adequate insulation levels and, even more, could use additional insulation, which means homeowners are paying more on their utility bills than they should. Under-insulated homes are widespread and commonplace.


The idea that homes can be over-insulated is misconstrued. It’s based on the “too tight” theory, experts say. Opponents of adding insulation say the “natural” ventilation of old, inadequately insulated homes is the reason for the structures’ longevity. They say the drafts have helped reduce dampness and thereby protected the house from moisture damage.

However, that view ignores the wider and more serious problems the loss of airflow control creates for homeowners. Besides the obvious problems of higher utility bills due to rampant air leaks, inadequately or insufficiently insulated homes allow both air and moisture to move into wall and ceiling cavities, causing condensation of air and vapor. This leads to increased mold production.



Modern barriers to air and moisture flow greatly reduces the susceptibility to structure damage from trapped vapor or air. Tightly insulated homes rely on internal ventilation to maintain uniform temperatures and avoid room-to-room fluctuations.

While over-insulating a home may possibly lead to long-range problems if the insulation was improperly or carelessly insulated in extremely rare cases, the vast majority of homeowners would reap tremendous returns in adding insulation. Extra insulation further enhances the barrier between outdoor extremes – rain, heat, cold – and reduces the need for energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

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