Benefits of Adding More Insulation to an Existing Home

October 24, 2014

If a home is more than 10 years old, it is likely to lack the recommended level of insulation. At Capitol Machine, we have seen many instances where adding new insulation to the attic or sidewalls improves comfort and saves energy. Here’s why homeowners should think about retrofitting and hire a contractor to add insulation their existing home.

Why Do Older Homes Need to Be Retrofitted?

As the years pass, some houses need to be retrofitted with new insulation. The latest insulation options may be of higher quality, depending on the type of insulation used previously in the home. The insulation in these homes may not be performing properly for a number of reasons. The first is settling. When insulation settles, it allows air to escape, forcing HVAC units to continue running. Water damage can also be a factor. Water-damaged insulation can rot and lead to mold, so it needs to be removed and replaced.

Why Add More Insulation?

A Home That Is Well Insulated Can help Regulated the Temperature

The clearest incentive to add new insulation is to make the home more energy-efficient. A well-insulated home can help regulate temperature. Homeowners will be able to quickly cool or heat their homes without allowing air to escape. It can improve their comfort levels – no more drafts or heat loss during the winter! Because insulation keeps the internal temperature regulated, homeowners can also expect to save on energy bills. Who doesn’t like that? Another added benefit of insulation is the increase in sound control it provides from the outdoors and between rooms.

Why Insulate With Capitol Machine?

Capitol Machine has solutions to remove old insulation and fill homes with fresh loose-fill. Our insulation vacuums and blowers are what insulation contractors need to complete a retrofitting job quickly and efficiently. See all of our products and schedule a demonstration of one of our machines today.

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