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Capitol Machine Makes, Services, and Sells <span>Insulation Machines</span>

Capitol Machine Makes, Services, and Sells Insulation Machines

Capitol Machine provides rugged, affordable and easy-to-use equipment with reliable and friendly service. For more than 40 years, we have designed and manufactured the best insulation blowers and insulation removal vacuum machines on the market. We’re dedicated to old-fashioned qualities of hard work, commitment and integrity. Our top-of-the-line spray foam and blown-in insulation machines are sold worldwide and provide superior results when installing new insulation or removing old loose-fill insulation. Contact us today to learn more!
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What's New at Capitol Machine

What's New at Capitol Machine

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Heat Insulation and How it Works

October 10, 2016
How Does Heat Move? Heat insulation delays the flow of the heat for comfort and helps to prevent damage to your property. Heat flow has three mechanisms, conduction, where the heat moves through the materials, convection, which circulates the heat through liquids and gases, and radiant heat.  Radiant heat moves the heat regardless of what get the full story
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Vacuum Bag Deal!

Vacuum Bag Deal!

Capitol Machine is selling vacuum bags in a case of 20 for an amazing price!

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