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Capitol Machine Makes, Services, and Sells <span>Insulation Machines</span>

Capitol Machine Makes, Services, and Sells Insulation Machines

Capitol Machine opened its doors in Montgomery, AL more than 40 years ago with a commitment to designing and manufacturing the best insulation blowing and vacuum machines. Today, we sell our equipment worldwide and our commitment to producing quality blown-in insulation machines is as strong as ever. Our machines help you give your clients the best possible results, whether you’re blowing in new or removing old loose-fill insulation. They are fast, dependable, rugged, affordable, easy to operate and will give you many years of reliable service.
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Who Are The Insulation Workers and What ...

May 22, 2015
How often do you meet one of these guys? Would you strike up a conversation with them? And what would you talk about? If you’re an insulation contractor, that might be easy. These are the guys you hired. And the conversation might go something like this: “Get back to work!” What would you talk about? get the full story
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Vacuum Bag Deal!

Vacuum Bag Deal!

Capitol Machine is selling vacuum bags in a case of 20 for an amazing price!

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