The Rock Wool Files: Materials in March (Part I)

March 10, 2017

rock wool: shown is an image of a lamb. rock wool is not made of lamb wool.Rock wool is not made from stone lamb figurines. Usually.

You can always count on Capitol Machine International to be on the leading edge of the insulation industry.

So for the next few weeks, we're going to jump back and cover a few basics. Our blog series about the different kinds of insulation may serve as a refresher course, a simple guide for new employees, or talking points for your customers, who may be indecisive about which insulation to purchase.

What is Rock Wool?

Let's start with the finer points of rock wool insulation which, contrary to popular belief, does not come from head-banging sheep with mullets. It is the product of molten rock, spun out into threads and bound together for commercial use.

There are so many benefits to using this stuff, we could make a list!

Actually, that’s a good idea.

  • Rock wool is perfect for thermal insulation, holding temperatures at a consistent level.rock wool: this image shows the triangular "reduce, reuse, recycle" logo made of grass to imply that rock wool insulation is environmentally-friendly.
  • The higher density (R-value) allows this insulation to withstand higher levels of heat.
  • Since it is denser, this type of insulation resists settling, lowering the chances of air pockets forming and diminishing its effectiveness.
  • This insulation contains 10-15{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b} recycled material, and is being used more frequently in environmentally friendly construction projects.
  • Ultraviolet rays don't pose a problem either, because rock wool insulation is UV stable, unaffected by UV rays.
  • If you happen to have sheep with mullets, bring them inside and crank it up to eleven! This material has a high sound absorption rate.
  • Borne of fire, rock wool insulation is naturally non-combustible and does not promote mold growth.
  • It doesn't have to dry, so there's no curing time.
  • Rock wool insulation also absorbs less than 1{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b} of its own weight in moisture.

Remember, whether you’re spraying it in or sucking it out, Capitol Machine International has the machine for you!