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Product Description

FastWeb Strips: Insulation Innovators Product

1 box of FastWeb Strips
50 Pcs per box
Box size 93in. x 9-1/2in. x 3in.
Weight approx 55lbs

FastWeb Strips™ simplify the application of insulation fabric over exposed wooden or steel framing to make the installation of blown-in insulation easier, tighter and better!

FastWeb Strips™ allow for the initial installation of insulation fabric using friction created by the products cambered leg design. Prior to blowing in insulation, a minimal number of fasteners are required to hold FastWeb Strips™ firmly in place, preventing material from bleeding over the face of the wall studs. The result: a tighter fabric installation that provides a more efficient blown-in process with less bulging and easier application of drywall.

FastWeb Strips™ are made for use with both wood and steel framed construction, making them perfect for all of your construction needs. No special tools or fasteners are required to install. Click here for Fast Web Spec Sheet in pdf format.

FastWeb Strips™ and blown-in insulation help you meet and exceed new building codes and air leakage tests for new homes and buildings.


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