Insulation Material Pop Quiz: Materials in March (Part IV)

March 31, 2017

Welcome to week four of Capitol Machine International’s blog series, Insulation Material 101!

We’ve been talking about the most popular forms of insulation material over the past three weeks, and now it’s time for your pop quiz! Put your books away, please. This quiz will be followed by a comprehensive 500 question test which must be filled out, in triplicate, using a No. 2 pencil, and returned to us via Pony Express. No Googling, or whatever you kids are calling it these days.

Which insulation material is made from the fibers of molten stone?


insulation material: image shows a rock guitarist on stage as a joke because rock wool is mentioned


  • A.) Dry-fill cellulose
  • B.) Fiberglass insulation
  • C.) Bad gravy
  • D.) Rock wool

The answer is D. Rock wool was first envisioned in Hawaii, where volcanic eruptions would produce soft strands of cooled lava. The natives believed these strands to be the hair of the goddess, Pelé.

Which insulation material is commonly treated with borates?


insulation material: image shows a medical illustration of cellulite formation as a joke because cellulose is mentioned


  • A.) Rock wool
  • B.) Cellulose
  • C.) Borates? Very nice! My wife! High five!
  • D.) Fiberglass

The answer is B. Cellulose is infused with borates, such as boric acid, to inhibit mold growth and act as a flame retardant.



What is the most commonly used insulation material in America?


insulation material: image shows a breathing mask on a black background


  • A.) Blown-in cellulose
  • B.) Rock wool
  • C.) Pungent tube socks donated by high school basketball teams
  • D.) Fiberglass

The answer is D. Fiberglass, either blown-in or purchased in rolled batts, can be found insulating over 80{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b} of the nation’s homes.

Where is the most awesome place to purchase insulation blowers and removal vacs?

insulation material: image shows the Capitol Machine International logo. this logo has yellow serif for "Cmi" and the full brand name in sans-serif black below


  • A.) Victoria’s Secret
  • B.) Service Merchandise
  • C.) Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • D.) Taco Bell


The answer is 7, none of the above. The best place to purchase your insulation equipment is Capitol Machine International, where we have declared war on inferior insulation machines.


We’re like The Terminator, but from one of the good movies.