Heart of Fiberglass Insulation: Materials in March (Part III)

March 24, 2017


fiberglass insulation: the image shows pink ground meat as a joke

We do not recommend blowing ground meat into any building as insulation. This will void any warranty on your blower.

When most people think about fiberglass insulation, they envision attics filled with surreal pink stuff. It looks comfortable, like you could sleep on it, and has the visual appeal of state fair cotton candy.

Don't Eat the Fiberglass

By the way, don’t eat the fiberglass. It is literally glass and not delicious. Don’t sleep on it, either. The particles can get into your skin and, depending on how thin your pajamas are, that could be uncomfortably itchy.

Let’s take a look at the list and learn a little more about fiberglass insulation.

Take a Look at this List:

  • Fiberglass insulation is the most popular form of insulation, available in in both loose blow-in and rolled batts. It is used in approximately 85{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b} of American houses.
  • Blown-in blankets of fiberglass are technically better, having three times the density of batt insulation.
  • This stuff is energy efficient, conserving 12 times as much as is expended during the production process.
  • Using fiberglass insulation can reduce residential energy costs by as much as 40{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b}.
  • Since it is made of glass, this insulation is non-combustible. It may, however, melt under exposure to extremely high temperatures.
  • Fiberglass insulation is non-conductive and does not block electronic signals, so it won’t hamper your wi-fi or terrestrial HDTV signals.
  • Composed of renewable resources, some types of this material contains up to 80{0a1c3d6806058e61dbe2846d2d39153f51baac4823bdf253aa715cffc4df674b} recycled materials.
fiberglass insulation: the image shows old, rolled fiberglass insulation inside an exposed wall

We also do not recommend trying to blow rolled fiberglass insulation. It simply doesn't work that way.

Call the Pros

Professional installation of blown-in fiberglass insulation is highly recommended. That means someone with the right training, protective equipment and proper machinery to get the job done correctly. If that someone is you, check out Capitol Machine International’s versatile Model 1900, which is great for open attic spaces and blow-in blankets.

Don't Eat the Model 1900, Either

By the way, do not eat the Model 1900. We know it looks quite tasty. We assure you it is not.